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Life is too Short to Regret Pictures – Omaha Family Photographer

There’s been more than one occasion that I’ve heard my friends talk about their pictures with regret and it completely breaks my heart. There is so much in life that is regrettable – dating the wrong guy, trying a bad hairstyle, choosing salad over soup – and pictures should never be one of them. If you’ve followed me for awhile now, you know how I feel about pictures being the story of our lives. I understand that having pictures taken isn’t the same as itView full post »

Time, We All Need More – Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

Put a group of 100 moms in a room, all with kids in different stages in life, and you’ll get differing opinions on everything from diapering and feeding to education and discipline. The one topic I guarantee  they would all agree on is time. Time goes by too quickly. Not enough time to get everything done. Needing more time with their family. Wishing for time to stand still. This Mother’s Day, give mom what she needs. Give the gift of time. Get mom a gift certificate to MelissaView full post »

We Need Our Digitals – Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

I read this recently on a Facebook thread. It made me question: Why do you NEED every file from your lifestyle photographer? So many people think they NEED all of their files. But the truth is, what you really WANT is all your pictures. You want to be able to look back to your child’s toothless grin when they are graduating high school or see how tiny your baby truly is when wrapped in daddy’s arms. As I mentioned previously, our families are the thing we value the most. The time weView full post »

Little Sister Love – Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

Two pink lines. That’s where it all began. That’s when the tears of happiness began. That’s when the fear of “Can I actually do this?” began. That’s when the worry began. You can worry and plan all you want, but nothing will actually prepare you for bringing home that little bundle. Luckily for Baby E, her two older sisters adore her! You know I don’t pose people. Both of these girls were begging to hold their little sister; always checking her out. AndView full post »

And Baby Makes Three – Omaha Birth Photography

When most people imagine birth photography, they immediately think of pictures of the mom and dad awaiting for the baby. Pictures of the mom in extreme discomfort. Pictures of a goo-covered baby with the umbilical still attached. While those shots are very powerful and great to have, the magic (I believe) comes after the dust settles and the world gets to soak in this incredible miracle of life. I was very fortunate to be able to witness such magic when Baby E was born. After both ofView full post »

Don’t Be Like Frankie

We are the most photographed generation ever. We miss no moments. First steps. First bike right without training wheels. First school dance. If it’s happened, it’s been photographed. We do it so we can look back on these moments later. There’s sorrow with these passing times. Sorrow of a lost loved one. Sorrow of a childhood quickly passing by. But when we look back at these moments, the sorrow disappears and for a moment it’s filled with happiness. But what would we doView full post »

Contest Alert: Enter to win

This contest has ended.   The winter is such a slow time of year for business. I’m ready to pull myself out of this rut! What better way to do that than a contest?! How do you enter to win? To enter, you will need complete a survey on market research. WAIT! Don’t walk away just yet. It’s super easy and should only take 10-15 minutes to complete and only requires your honesty. Click here to get your survey emailed to you. What will you win? A $100 gift certificate toView full post »

My Fave Photo Apps-Revisited

**PLEASE NOTE: ALL THE APPS DISCUSSED ARE IOS AND I HAVEN’T CONFIRMED IF THEY ARE ON OTHER PLATFORMS. SORRY IF THEY AREN’T AVAILABLE FOR YOUR DEVICE.** A few years ago, and prior to my previous website crashing, I wrote a great little blog about my favorite photo apps. Well, time has passed, apps have improved and it’s time for an update. The first, and my fave all time, photo app is by far Instagram. It’s not only a photo app, but it’s a pretty awesome socialView full post »

A letter to my daughter on her first day of kindergarten

The day is finally here. You, my dear, are officially a kindergartener. Yes, this time has gone incredibly fast. Yes, I know you are ready. Yes, you are the biggest rockstar I know. But no, I am not ready to hand you over. Your days spent (mostly) with me will now be shared with someone else. If you get scared, if you get nervous, or if you just drew the best heart you ever had, I will no longer be the one to witness or help you through it. Even though those days of me always being thereView full post »