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It Can’t Be Real – Omaha Lifestyle Senior Photographer

I remember it so well. The last day of my junior year in high school. My first nephew was born. He was the only for quite a while so he was always very close to his Aunt Sissa. We went to movies together. I took him to the zoo when I didn’t have classes. We were the best of buds. And now here I am taking his high school senior pictures. Pinch me! Seriously! I know the time has been passing. He’s already over a foot taller than me. But graduating high school is really throwing me forView full post »

You blink and they’re done – Omaha Lifestyle Senior Photographer

I always say, you never realize how fast time passes until you have children of your own.¬†One day you’re changing diapers, then you are enrolling for kindergarten and before long it’s their senior graduation. This is EXACTLY how this incredible senior’s mom feels. Seems like one day her oldest daughter was playing her dolls and the next she’s getting her college acceptance letters (which BRAVO by the way!!). The time may be gone, but at least this mom knows she raised anView full post »