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A Dummies Guide to Printing Your Pictures

Are you printing your pictures? If you’ve been around here awhile, then you know I talk about this a lot.¬†After living in my house for over 2 years, I finally took my own advice and got around to printing some pictures. Let me just say, this has been the greatest thing I have ever done! Ok, maybe not THE greatest, but I am super happy I finally did it. Here’s a peek into my wall:   Doing this, and talking to my email subscribers, made me realize that most of us want picturesView full post »

Personal Project – Omaha Documentary Photographer

When we moved a year ago, I had searched endlessly trying to find the perfect bedding for my daughter’s room. I didn’t want it to childish or too mature. I just couldn’t find the right balance anywhere. Until I stumbled upon a gorgeous quilt design on Etsy. I was not willing to pay the $500 for the quilt but lucky enough the lady sold the quilt pattern. YAY me, right? Nope. I don’t know a thing about sewing!! I remember in junior high I traded my (male) partner for himView full post »