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The Power of Pictures: an Omaha Lifestyle Photographer’s Perspective

Cameras are readily accessible for anyone. Gone are the days of having to save the 12 shots on the roll of film for an entire event. We no longer need to make sure every click is picture perfect (that phrase was coined for a reason!)¬†because we aren’t getting another chance to get it again. We take pictures of EVERYTHING now. My favorite actor of all time (Tom Hanks in case you are wondering)¬†enjoys taking pictures of random gloves he finds while out and about. Yes. What used to be savedView full post »

Baby E – Omaha Child Lifestyle Photographer

One of my favorite things is when clients purchase the Baby’s First Year package. Baby’s change so much in the first year and I enjoy so much being able to watch them change from each session. You might remember this little princess from her hospital arrival and her newborn session. As you can see, everyone is still swooning over her!View full post »

To have them young again – Omaha Lifestyle Photographer

I tell anyone who will listen, you never know how fast time goes until you have children. You give birth to these little miracles and the days are long, but the years are so very short. This is one of the reasons why I shoot how I do and why I do. I want so desperately to remember how my own children were (and still are) that I try and do the same for my families who hire me. What is it that you never what to forget?View full post »

I Can’t Be Beat – Omaha Lifestyle Family Photographer

I touched a little bit on everything I went through to get this session accomplished on social media, but let me break it down quickly: running out of gas, 20 minute long trains, wind storms and a corrupted memory card. But none of that stopped me. And let me just say, I don’t mention this to toot my horn because that’s not my style. I mention it so you know I’m going to do what it takes to get you the family pictures you deserve and (in my opinion) need! My goal is toView full post »

When they get “it”-Omaha Lifestyle Children’s Photographer

If you know me or if you’ve been following MLP for a time now, then you know I’m extremely passionate at getting those REAL moments. Not cute smiles on a flawless backdrop (which I admit are indeed cute). But moments of life that are so fleeting and should be remembered forever. It’s these pictures that will bring us back to these times. When I get to work with people who get it and match my passion for it, magic happens. Magic like this. Enjoy! melView full post »

Baby J-Omaha Lifestyle Child Photographer

I had such a fun time using my new ranch outdoor studio for this session! I still believe the best sessions are done in home, but for those of you who aren’t comfortable with that, I now have a new location at my disposal and boy is it gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as this little dude, but not quite Ask me about scheduling your next session there! melView full post »