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People often worry and stress over when the best time is to get pictures taken. Is it in the fall when all the colors are golden or in the spring when everything is in bloom?

I recently shared a recent experience I had during a Facebook Live video that made me think about this exact topic. If you aren’t on Facebook, or if you missed the video, please watch it here:

Watching this all play out was obviously very emotional for me. It truly made me start thinking of everyone who tells me they want to wait until some moment for their pictures. Either for the perfect scene or until “I lose a few more pounds”. There will always be a reason to wait. What’s that old saying? There’s no time like the present. And this is true.

Another quick story for ya

I was dropping off an order with a client and as she was going through her album she said to me, “Where were these taken?! These are beautiful! It’s not my boring yard.” Obviously she was joking. She knew where they were taken. But it goes to show you that the scene isn’t what is important. Her pictures were full of sweet moments between her family and that’s all she was looking at. Nothing else – not how everyone’s outfits looked, not how she looked, not that everyone was cute for the camera. What she saw was the love between everyone.

So stop waiting!

Quit thinking you have to wait for the perfect scene or the perfect time. Those moments and connections happen in your everyday. I have been working on a 100 Days of Summer project over on Instagram and I’m loving every picture I get of my kiddos. My kids have so much fun having a water gun fight or running through the sprinkler – which I might add is the BEST summer activities – and the pictures I’ve gotten of them doing that have put the biggest smile on my face and filled my mom-heart with so much joy.

Think about it

What is happening right now that you want to remember? Is your sweet girl enjoying the summer in the pool? Is your little guy learning how to ride his bike? Or, after crazy busy weeks, does your family live for the weekend to relax and spend time together. Whatever those things you think of, those are what you should be getting pictures of. Those will be the ones that fill your heart with joy when you look at them.

Shoot me an email and we can discuss the best options for your session!

Here’s some of my favorite summer sessions!


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In honor of Father’s Day, I recently put a call out to my email subscribers asking them to share with me their favorite “father” picture. I didn’t have any parameters other than any dad that was important to them and it had to be their FAVORITE picture of them. I can’t tell you that I was shocked by the response I received.

As the pictures came in, there was a clear trend. Every picture submitted told a story. Each person had a deep, meaningful connection to the pictures. They told stories of love and loss. They were of moments they’d never forget. There was no mention about how cute the picture was or how handsome the dad in them was.

This is why pictures of our loved ones are so important to us – they are filled with stories and memories. Make sure you have pictures of your loved ones and also be in these pictures so you can be a part of your loved ones stories and memories. These pictures are important to us because these people matter to us, these relationships matter and these memories matter.

When was the last time you had photos taken of those relationships that matter? If it’s been too long, quit making excuses. You don’t get that time back. You don’t want to wait to long and lose the opportunity.

Now, onto everyone’s favorite “father” pictures! Thank you to everyone who submitted something.


I’ll begin with my favorite father picture. This is the moment my husband held our our oldest for the first time – the exact moment he became a father. He didn’t just hold him, he looked down at him with tears streaming off the tip of his nose never once wanting to look away. I remember looking over and falling more in love with him than the day we were married. Still one of my favorite memories.


“I love (these pictures) because it shows how involved he is. It’s not just a picture of them standing together, but pictures of him being a part of their lives. (The top image) shows real emotion. He’s proud and she loves her Daddy.” – April M.


“One of my favorites was right before we walked down the aisle. I look super concerned and pop was calming me down, telling me this was the moment I had been waiting for. He was trying so hard to get me out of my head and to just enjoy it. Don’t think I would have gotten through planning if it weren’t for him.” – Shannon H. (photo credit Vivian Kvam)


“This picture of (my dad) is one of the very few I have. He was such a handsome guy. Sometimes, after they are gone, memories fade. Pictures bring them back to ‘life’.” – Cindy M.


“This is my favorite of you and your dad. It shows such a raw, vulnerable emotion. I can go right back to that moment.” – Cindy M.


“I love that they were playing and being silly in the box while I was having coffee. And they took a minute to send me a pic so I knew they were thinking about me.” – Jill H.

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  • Cindy

    Love love love this!! If this doesn’t spark hearts to be sure to gets pictures thru all parts of life nothing will!! What amazing memories!! Thanks Melissa Lindquist Photography!!ReplyCancel

  • What a wonderful idea!! So true…photos still are worth a thousand words, if not more. :)ReplyCancel

  • Stacy


Put a group of 100 moms in a room, all with kids in different stages in life, and you’ll get differing opinions on everything from diapering and feeding to education and discipline. The one topic I guarantee  they would all agree on is time. Time goes by too quickly. Not enough time to get everything done. Needing more time with their family. Wishing for time to stand still.

This Mother’s Day, give mom what she needs.

Give the gift of time. Get mom a gift certificate to Melissa Lindquist Photography.

Why, you ask? Because with her lifestyle photography session with MLP, she will have two hours spending time with her family, filled with play and love and zero worries. Two hours she gets to listen to her kids laugh. Two hours she gets to snuggle and love. Two hours where time slows for a moment and she’s able to relax and soak in her family. In return, she will have gorgeous images to last forever – little pieces of real life frozen in time. She’ll be able to look at these pictures and see things that get missed in the daily hustle. Or she’ll be reminded of the little details that are so easy to forget.

Since I have a special place in my heart for moms, any gift certificates purchased from now until Mother’s Day will receive $100 off their photography package.

Plus, you’ll forever be able to say, “Remember that time I bought you pictures for Mother’s Day,” to get out of a sticky discussion 😉

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I read this recently on a Facebook thread. It made me question: Why do you NEED every file from your lifestyle photographer?

So many people think they NEED all of their files. But the truth is, what you really WANT is all your pictures. You want to be able to look back to your child’s toothless grin when they are graduating high school or see how tiny your baby truly is when wrapped in daddy’s arms. As I mentioned previously, our families are the thing we value the most. The time we spend is our greatest resource. Our next greatest resource after that is our memories.

What You Really Need

What you NEED is printed pictures. Pictures need to be hung up on walls, printed in albums to look through whenever you want. There’s nothing better than cozying up with your family and passing around the picture boxes and laughing at ourselves.

Another thing you NEED is pictures that show how much your family loves each other; how much fun you have together. You NEED pictures that show real connections and laughter and moments. With one picture, we are transported back to that distinct moment in time. Pictures have the power to let us hear that tiny giggle or make you remember the awkward teenage years and how you thought every roadblock was the end of the world – I know that wasn’t just me!

Bottom Line

Those files you think you need will likely gather dust on your hard drive or sit on a disc (GASP! Please don’t still be using discs!) or worse yet, never downloaded from the link you were emailed.

I understand files are nice to have in our digital age but don’t mistake that for what you really need. What you really need it is a lifestyle photographer able to capture the moments and the details that matter and to get them printed and hung on your walls. When your walls are covered with the thing you value the most, life becomes better.

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Cameras are readily accessible for anyone. Gone are the days of having to save the 12 shots on the roll of film for an entire event. We no longer need to make sure every click is picture perfect (that phrase was coined for a reason!) because we aren’t getting another chance to get it again. We take pictures of EVERYTHING now. My favorite actor of all time (Tom Hanks in case you are wondering) enjoys taking pictures of random gloves he finds while out and about. Yes. What used to be saved for only royalty is now used to glorify unpaired gloves.

Even though people are taking pictures of anything and everything, that doesn’t mean the power of a picture has lost it’s value. Pictures are the one possession that if lost, we would give any amount of money to get back. We often kick ourselves in the butt for missing a shot. They are our ticket to our memories and things we hold in our hearts.

And there’s nothing we hold closer or is more valuable than our families. Which is the main reason I am a lifestyle photographer. Because it will take you back to those moments that matter.

That is all:)


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  • So true, Melissa! I think what is especially difficult about photography that the typical person doesn’t understand is that owning a camera doesn’t equate to skill or talent at photography itself. Professional lifestyle photographers like you are important to capturing our legacy–in a way that the unskilled just can’t do. :)ReplyCancel